Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel (Black)

With the intensive search of comfort; from following the doctor’s tips to carefully having leisure activities, recliners are on the rise in aiding the body in being relaxed at all times. Our furniture contributes largely to how the body is treated either at a workspace sitting or simply sitting in front of a movie for a few minutes. Recliners are comfort chairs created to ease and soothe the user. They are the first-choice chairs especially when the lower back comfort is a cause of major concern.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

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Recliner chairs are known to help to bring calm and ease to the physiological state after long hours at work or sitting in cramped up spaces or sports that wear out the muscles and have caused stress on different parts of the body. For strong and positive comfort and satisfaction, we strongly recommend the Esright Massage Recliner Chair. Why go to a massage parlor when you can have it your way in the comfort of your living room or bedroom?


Considering the Esright Massage Recliner is the best possible decision to make. It is a recliner chair that comes with excellent massaging features made to stretch out and bring back a healthy boost to its user. If you want to get the right sense of massage just the way you want it; If you want to give your strained muscles befitting ease out; And if you want to vibrate out all the strain brought to your body from different day-long events, the Esright massage recliner is the excellent choice for you.

Why? It comes with a reclining, massaging, heating and vibrating characters are a promising fit for money well spent. Its material comes as a soft leather design, padded with an extra thick sponge at the back cushion and armrest. The Esright Massage chair structures are built for customer satisfaction to bring ease and relief to its user


Starting with its characteristics as a massage chair, it is a recliner chair that is set to give you the best relaxing time you desire during leisure or simply when you want to take a short nap. Its leather padded with an extra thick sponge is an exquisite style made to give an inviting look. The padding gives extra comfort and brings you into an atmosphere absent of anxiety.

leather ergonomic lounge 360 degree

The armrests give you the perfect opportunity to choose a posture of choice without laying the arms lazily but instead taking part in the whole massaging exercise. It comes with cup holders and storage bags to accommodate drinks and books or other materials of choice for days of long movie drifts, gaming or quiet times. The Esright Massage Recliner also comes with a remote control that lets you change chair settings.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

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The 360-degree swivel and 150-degree recline features are just the right things for your days stretching out strain muscles or simple comfort. Above all, it is easy to assemble in any chosen space of your desire.


  • The body structure and customer fulfilling features include:
  • Reclining, heating, massaging and vibrating features.
  • Soft and sturdy PU leather design
  • 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags
  • 360-degree swivel and 150-degree recline feature, manual controlled recliner.
  • Remote controller and power cord, 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels.
  • Dimensions: 33.1″(L) * 35.8″(W) * 43.2″(H)
  • Armrest thickness: 3.54″
  • Back height: 28.7″
  • Seat dimensions: 22.1″(L) * 18.9″(H)
  • Manual control
  • Available in color black

Customer Satisfaction

The Esright Massage Recliner chair has proved to be a good investment for customers around the globe. Its heating features have been reported to be very helpful after tired days and stressful events. The massage feature is praised when for its capability to ease tension as well. It is concluded to be a good investment to health and comfort targets.


Its design to give heat and massage is a very unique function that is rare to many simple recliner chairs.
It comes with a considerable amount of storage spaces for keeping materials needed
It can swivel 360 degrees and has a 150-degree recline function


The Esright chair is, however, a large chair built for room space and a lot of comforts, so it requires a big floor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get the chair?

You can order it on Amazon. The product will be delivered to your doorstep.

  • Can the heating temperature be controlled?

The heating temperature for this chair happens to be a selling point. Also, this chair heating temperature is designed in such ways that users can adjust to preference.

  • Can the recliner chair be used as a gaming chair?

Yes, It actually can serve for multi-purposes.

  • Are massaging features suitable for children?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone.


This Massage Recliner Chair with Heating features is the best choice to gift your body. It is a good investment and suitable for decorative features in living rooms and bedrooms.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

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Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel

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