Homegear Recliner Chair with 8 Point Electric Massage and Heat

Owing to the hectic and busy schedules, every one of us is looking for a way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. A number of people avail the extravagant services of different salons and spas. However, it is really difficult for the people to find the time to visit these places every day. Recliner chairs provide the perfect solution for such people. Homegear recliner chair is one of the best recliner chairs available in the market. It guarantees to provide a great relaxing experience. We have put Homegear recliner chair to test and compiled its pros and cons. This guide will surely convince you in buying this recliner chair for your home.

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Homegear Recliner Chair with 8 Point Electric Massage and Heat

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Homegear recliner chair is not just any other recliner chair. It is a specially designed chair that comes with an 8-point massage system. This recliner chair is manufactured in a variety of colors, namely black, brown and cream, with a soft leather finish. This makes it an aesthetic addition to your homes. Its most unique features include the multiple massage system and heated lumbar region. Both of these features promise to provide you with an opportunity to relax your muscles and body.

The massage can be easily customized. You can change the massage settings by choosing massage for different body sections. This recliner chair gives you complete control of your massage as you even change its intensity. It also comes with a useful 3 timer settings. This will help you keep track of your massage, especially if you are on a tight schedule.


Homegear recliner chair comes with a number of benefits, making it an ideal choice among our customers. You can recline in this comfortable chair at the end of a stressful day and relax. Its multiple massage system is quite relaxing. Moreover, it comes with the option of changing the intensity of the massage according to your own choice. Another benefit of this recliner chair is its heated lumbar region.

This feature tends to relax your muscles and also can ease away any muscular pain. It is manufactured with a faux leather finish, which makes it a low-maintenance recliner chair. Homegear recliner chair has the added advantage of its ability to swivel around a full 360˚. This makes it quite easy to move in case you want to change its direction. It can also prove to fun for children. It has a great aesthetic appeal and is equipped with cup holders and storage pouches for keeping things like remotes, magazines and drinks.

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Homegear Recliner Chair with 8 Point Electric Massage and Heat

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Homegear recliner chair comes with a wide range of unique feature, making it a popular choice among the customers. These features are as follows:

  • Available in three unique colors : black, brown and cream
  • Exceptional design and stylish
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Long lasting faux leather finish
  • 8-point massage system
  • Heated lumber region
  • Swivels around 360˚
  • Multiple massage modes available
  • Equipped with 2 cup holders
  • 2 front storage pouches
  • 2 side storage pouches
  • Dimensions of recliner chair: 34 x 37.5 x 42.5 in
  • Weight: 99lbs
  • Length of chair’s power cable: 71 in

Customer Satisfaction

The valuable feedback from customers can help improve the quality of any product. Similarly, this recliner chair has also received positive reviews from majority of the customers. A number of customers consider this recliner chair to be a great choice to have in any one’s home. They feel that they can comfortably relax in this chair and get a customized and soothing massage, making it worth their money. The customers feel that the use of heated lumbar region in the massage was something that they yearn for at the end of every hectic day.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Homegear recliner is one of the best-sellers in the market, owing to its numerous advantages. It serves as a perfect recliner on which you can sit and relax after a hardworking day. The best part about this recliner is that you can get a soothing massage right in the premises of your home. However, some customers have complained about the difficulty to put up the footrest.

Commonly asked questions

How can I purchase the recliner chair?

You can order this recliner chair either from Amazon or directly from Homegear. Both of these services are quite reliable. Moreover, you can have the product delivered right at your door.

Is this chair equally good as a recliner and a massager?
Homegear provides the perfect recliner chair, as it comes with special features that makes it both equally good as a recliner and a massager.

How durable is the leatherette finish of the recliner chair?

The leatherette finish has been found to be quite durable and smooth. It is also quite easy to clean, making it a low maintenance recliner chair. This means that you need not worry in case of a spill.


Homegear recliner chair guarantees to make your life quite comfortable. You can order this durable recliner if you want to have a relaxing experience without spending ludicrous amount of money. Do not hesitate to buy Homegear recliner chair for your home, as it is the decision which you will never regret. At the end of a long day, get ready to ease away all the stress by a massage that is definitely equivalent to that of a spa.

Homegear Recliner Chair

Homegear recliner chair guarantees to make your life quite comfortable.
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Homegear Recliner Chair with 8 Point Electric Massage and Heat

Homegear recliner chair guarantees to make your life quite comfortable.

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